Sumber Jaya ( Paint Brothers)
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Sumber Jaya ( Paint Brothers)
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Mrs. Lena Agustina/

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WhatsApp: 08170039594 08170039594
LINE: 083874310083 083874310083
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Phone number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
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Mobile number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
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Fax number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
Gunung Sahari XI blok b no 24
Jakarta, Jakarta
Whatsapp cat tembok: 081807825840, Whatsapp cat duco, thinner, automotive: 08170039594
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Bank Central Asia ( BCA)Bank Mandiri ( Mandiri)
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We sell automotive paints, wall/ decorative paints, marine paints, Timber/ Wood Refinishes, Metal/ Synthetic Paints, Acrylic, Polyurethane, etc, from various brands. Besides, we also sell any kind of Thinner/ solvent, glazier/ putty, glue/ adhesives, etc. Paint mixing service is also available.
We have Jotun Multicolor, Nippon Colour Creations, Dulux Colour Solutions, Mowilex Inspiring Color and Bellanova Mixing Color
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